The Band LeLe


The Band LeLe was formed in Edmonds, WA by three local musicians who were looking for an opportunity to perform music in their favorite town.

What began as a fun cover band grew into something more as they discovered they had original songs in their hearts. They come from three different backgrounds: Bec with her acoustic singer songwriter vibes, Rachel a true 90s child inspired by grunge, and Elizabeth with her love of musical theater and a soft spot for jazz classics. They worked together to blend and their styles and their adoration of the ukulele to develop their unique acoustic boho sound.

Their EP, Unraveling, has been a labor of love inspired by life and its ups and downs. As they like to joke, it’s hard to make the ukulele sound sad, but they take that as a challenge! Floyd Rietsma of Studio Litho made the bands recording dreams a reality.


  • Wildflower
  • Unraveling